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COUNTRY : France
PROJECT NATURE : Land development
LOCATION : The project is located southeast of the center of Bordeaux (10 minutes drive) and is developed on a plot of 170 hectares on the territory of Villenave-d'Ornon, between the Garonne and the Mirieu de Labarre avenue, south from the Rives d'Arcins shopping center.
DESCRIPTION : Designed as a global project, the Domaine de Geneste is characterized by the diversity of functions in a suburban environment which is respectful of ecology and sustainable development.
The Domaine de Geneste involves the development of three separate entities:

- In the North, between the avenue du Septième Art and Lugan creek, the Quartier de Geneste leaves a large part to the existing natural heritage which is preserved: wet weadow, orchid station, fritillary station, megaphorbia and other diversified wetland habitats, alder and ash wood, riparian vegetation along streams, etc. The project plans to add a green breakthrough to the Garonne; the dam and the dam-back will host a walking trek. Wooded areas along the Garonne will be subject to a simplified forest management plan. The buildings will be characterized by functional diversity organized in offices, shops, serviced living facilities, health centers, nursing homes and housing, thus ensuring generational and social diversity. It opens spaces dedicated to outdoor activities and sports.

- The central part, between the Garonne and the nowadays flooded former gravel pits, at the heart of a vast exceptional natural area, will host a golf certified as "eco-sustainable" ensuring compliance with all Natura 2000 requirements. Wetlands are maintained and increased as they promote biodiversity. The depressions in the field will be critical to the proper functioning of the hydraulic model and will offer a natural storage basin of over 100,000 cubic meters of water to deal with exceptional floods.

- South of the golf course, the Quartier de Courrejean makes the transition with the village of Courrejean. Consisting mainly of a vast meadow and graded wood areas, it will be crossed from west to east by large landscape breakthroughs towards the banks of the Garonne, which are green corridors converted into retention ponds. The developed land is earmarked for housing and social housing, and a few local shops.