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COUNTRY : Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg
PROJECT NATURE : Residential
LOCATION : The « Domaine du Parc » develops first-class accommodation in a highly sought-after residential area at the heart of Bofferdange.
Its ideal location nearby Luxemburg city and the northern highway guarantees an easy and quick access to all the activity- and interest zones of Luxemburg city.
DESCRIPTION : The residential development is made up of :
  • Phase 1 : 8 accommodation buildings, including 101 apartments, 6 shops, 4 liberal professions and 177 underground parking spaces
  • Phase 2 : 12 accommodation buildings including 40 apartments and 64 garages.
The project is conceived as a prestigious unit with high energy performances and thanks to the quality of its design, it offers privileged living spaces. The construction techniques, respectful of traditions, use ecological and sustainable materials and ensure high acoustic and thermal insulation.